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Custom Recycling Program

Custom Recycling Program Comprehensive and Custom Plastic Recycling. At Interplastics, we are renowned for delivering comprehensive plastic recycling services, equipped to process all forms of plastic resins. Our expertise lies in crafting customized recycling programs, specifically tailored to clients seeking to maximize scrap value and uphold environmental responsibility.  Processing over 4.2 million pounds of material […]

Logistics Services

Logistics Services Your Premier Plastic Resin Distributor. Interplastics takes pride in being a leading distributor of plastics resin, catering to a diverse range of processors within the plastics industry. Renowned for our expertise, we have established ourselves as a key player in wide-spec plastic distribution. We specialize in distributing prime plastic resin, wide-spec/off-grade plastic resin, […]

Blending Services

Blending Services Your Partner in Plastic Resin Blending. At Interplastics, we are dedicated to supporting manufacturers by efficiently blending material ingredients in pre-defined proportions. This process prepares the materials for the production of plastic parts and products, or as a pre-blend before extrusion, ensuring a homogenous plastic batch. Our state-of-the-art plant is equipped to blend […]

Lab Services

Lab Services Accurate and Comprehensive Lab Services. At Interplastics, beyond our toll processing and recycling expertise, we provide top-tier on-site lab services for the in-depth analysis and characterization of plastics and polymer materials. Utilizing cutting-edge testing equipment and advanced material knowledge, we excel in confirming plastic specifications and verifying material properties. Our diverse range of […]

Compounding / Pelletizing

Compounding / Pelletizing Expert Compounding and Pelletizing Services. Each of our resins are customized per batch depending on compound needs. Allow us to partner with you to customize formulas to your requirements– enhancing strength, durability, or flexibility. At Interplastics, our wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in custom compounds positions us as more than just […]

Grinding / Shredding

Grinding / Shredding Toll Grinding and Shredding Specialists. At Interplastics, we take pride in delivering tailored process solutions, including toll grinding and shredding services designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various applications. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, featuring large capacity shredders and grinders. Utilizing two elutriator systems, we effectively […]