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Compounding / Pelletizing

Expert Compounding and Pelletizing Services.

Each of our resins are customized per batch depending on compound needs. Allow us to partner with you to customize formulas to your requirements– enhancing strength, durability, or flexibility.

At Interplastics, our wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in custom compounds positions us as more than just a material asset to your production; we are your strategic consultants. We equip you with the expertise, contacts, and processing capabilities to procure the plastic materials you need, even under challenging circumstances.

As your compounding partner, we seamlessly integrate into your mission, offering compounding and pelletizing services that feels like having your own in-house team. Our capabilities extend across a broad spectrum of plastics, including ABS, PC, HIPS, PP, GPPS, polyolefin, and various engineering resins.

Explore a snapshot of our services: